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Text by Catalin Grigore

Illustrated by Adela Maria Calistru


Several thousand years ago, when God's chosen people were guided by angels and by the righteous people of the Old Covenant, Jacob, the last Patriarch, lived together with his twelve sons in the land of Canaan.  Joseph, the most beloved of them, was sold by his brothers out of envy and was taken into exile in the land of the Pharaohs.  After going through many trials, Joseph received the gift of explaining dreams and through this became the Governor of Egypt.  By Divine Providence and by his great wisdom, he managed to deliver his father and brothers, as well as the entire Egyptian people, from the terrible famine that struck the area.

This dynamic text and expressive illustrations show children an example of trust in God, and how people should be forgiven, as every Christian should do.

Wise Joseph and His Brothers

SKU: book88643
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