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Three Kosovo Films DVD


The films on this DVD are some of the only video documentary evidence of the human rights violations suffered by Serbs and other non-Albanians in Kosovo over the last 12 years. Films include:

"DOCUMENT OF SUFFERING: 1998-2007" (24 minutes)
An exclusive documentary survey about the decade-long human rights violations suffered by the Serbian and other non-Albanian population in Kosovo.

“NOTES ABOUT THE ROCK" (22 minutes)
An exclusive documentary survey of churches and monasteries in Kosovo, destroyed and vandalized during the last decade. Film presents some of the only video evidence that is available.

A documentary about one of the last remaining Orthodox Christian monastic community in Kosovo.

This limited edition DVD has been translated into the six official UN languages - Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

It has been published with the support of: Miroslav Djordjevic, Lila Kalinich, Alex Machaskee, Ruza Vujovic, Mark Stokrp, Nemanja Marjanovic, Predrag Pajic, Voja and Milica Kovacevic, Dejan Bujak and Fr. Nectarios Serfes.

Copies of this edition DVD have been given to all 192 Missions to the UN in the hope that they will endorse the presentation of this publication at the United Nation Security Council's regular sessions regarding safety and human rights violation in Kosovo. With this endorsement, evidence of the unresolved humanitarian crisis in the region could, thus, reach a worldwide audience showing that a civilized, not just a political solution for all the people of Kosovo is yet to be reached.


In February 2009, Kosovo celebrated the first anniversary of its self-proclaimed independence, which has been recognized by more than 50 states of the international community.

The Government of Serbia disputes Kosovo’s independent status and claims Kosovo as part of its territory according to the UN Resolution 1244.

Recently the EU has established a special mission (EULEX) in Kosovo to oversee the new Kosovo government’s institutions, its implementation of the rule of law, and to ensure the protection of all ethnic minorities living in Kosovo.

However, Serbs and other non-Albanians living in Kosovo still face unsafe conditions and ongoing human rights violations. Thousands of people who have been expelled from Kosovo have still not returned to their homes. Most of the destroyed or vandalized Christian Orthodox churches and monasteries have not been rebuilt yet.

Three Kosovo Films DVD

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