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By Dr. Dumitru Macalia

The Right to Life is the most complete statement on the Orthodox teaching on the issue of abortion and the sanctity of human life. For the first time all the relevant biblical passages, the teachings of the Fathers, and the modern scientific information with a bearing on the subject is gathered in one book.

The Teachings of the Fathers on abortion. 
The science on the life of the unborn. 
The teachings of other religions on abortion: Islam and Buddhism. 
A review of the Roman Catholic and Protestant teachings on abortion. 
The contemporary position of the Orthodox Church on abortion. 
Social and political realities in modern "abortion politics." 
How each Orthodox Christian can relate to the issue of abortion today. 
Dr. Dumitru Macaila is the assistant parish priest of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church of Lancaster, PA. He is a graduate of the Theological Institute at Bucharest Romania where he obtained a Master of Theology degree. Dr. Macaila was awared his Doctor of Theology from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology at the University of Bucharest, Romania and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Dr. Macaila is a regular contributer to the Orthodox Observer newspaper.

Softcover, 231 Pages.

The Right to Life

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