Synaxarion of the Lenten Triodion and Pentecostarion 

This book is an explanation of the feasts of the Lenten Triodion and Pentecostarion; along with the abridged sermons of the Holy Fathers, this book is an excellent aid in spiritual growth.

These are the readings appointed to be read in Orthodox Churches at Orthros (Matins) on 41 special occasions during the portion of the church year covered by the Lenten Triodion and the Pentecostarion (over three months). These readings give the history of the persons or events being commemorated on these days, and often patristic readings as well. Because these are on moveable rather than fixed dates, they are not found in either the regular Synaxarion nor the Menaion, and they are used in addition to those readings. Because few attend Orthros in most places (sadly) or because Orthros is often greatly abbreviated or omitted, few people ever get to hear these readings. They not only give the historical background, they also explain the spiritual significance of these special commemorations to the faithful. Anyone wishing to have a deeper experience of the Lenten and Paschal seasons will greatly benefit from these edifying readings, whether at home or in church. They will also be of interest to liturgical and historical scholars. Big, clear print with pages beautifully laid out and decorated. Simple to use. --- Randall Mark Trainer


Paperback; 254 pages.

Synaxarion of the Lenten Triodion and Pentecostarion

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