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By Dionysios and Egle-Ekaterine Potamitis


We all know that Saint Christopher is the protector of all those who pray to him when they are driving, travelling, or just going from one place to another. But what do we know about his amazing life?

In this book, with its superb illustrations and lively text, we can learn along with our children about how the great savage became a great saint!

Saint Christopher had a fascinating life. He was born a savage among savages and ended up a saint among the saints. Before knowing Christ he persecuted and harassed travellers, but as soon as he knew Him he became their protector and helper. We can learn a lot from the life of Saint Christopher. Above all, we learn that it makes no difference what we are like before we come to know Christ, whether we are savage, ugly, good-looking or wicked. The important thing is for us to put our life under the leadership of the Triadic God Himself and of no one else.

Before we set out to go anywhere, we could pray to the Saint the following:


The saint rejoices when we try to serve Christ, who is the one truly good and powerful Lord.

Saint Christopher also rejoices when we are careful while travelling or moving around. He is also glad when we travel and drive like saints and not like savages.

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of many cities in the Christian world. For example, in Europe the biggest city which has him as its patron saint is the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, in Greece he is the patron saint of Agrinio, and Pikermi, Attica. He also the patron saint of Rab in Croatia, Barga in Tuscany, Italy, Roermond in the Netherlands, many towns in Germany, and Havana in Cuba. There’s also a small nation that bears his name, the Federation of Saint Kitts (Christopher) and Nevis.


Hardcover,  Large Size (8.2x11.4 inches), Full Color Pages.

St. Christopher

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