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Smoking and the Orthodox Christian

Second Edition

Constantine Cavarnos
Translated from the Greek by Archbishop Chrysostomos of Etna

Number VI of Monographic Supplement Series


“Numerous announcements from physicians and medical conferences which underscore the bad effect that smoking has on the health have recently appeared in the press in Greece and in other countries. Whole volumes could easily be compiled from the collection of these warnings. The findings of a positive science, as medicine is, do not in and of themselves, however, lead to the betterment of a person. For the work of science is to demonstrate the relationship which exists between causes and effects, and not to teach a person about his duties to himself, to his neighbor, and to God. Such duties are taught by ethics, and above all by the ethics of the Orthodox Church, which is the highest such ethics bequeathed to mankind.”



About the Author
Selected Books by Constantine Cavarnos
Section I
Saint Nicodemos the Hagiorite on Smoking and the Orthodox Christian
Section II
Questions and Answers About Smoking
Section III
Coping with the Problem of Passive Smoking
Section IV


Softcover, 23pp

Smoking and the Orthodox Christian

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