Saint Spyridon of Tremithus

Of simple farming stock, Spyridon remained simple and humble to the end of his days. He married young and had children, but, when his wife died, he devoted himself entirely to the service of God. Even after being chosen as bishop, he did not change his simple style of life. This book includes his life, as well as an account of the many miracles he worked after his repose, together with the liturgical service and akathist hymn in his honor. 
The life of the humble and barely literate shepherd from Tremetoussia (Trimythounta) in Cyprus, the Bishop Spyridon.

The description of the Bishop's miracles in Cyprus, Nikaia and anywhere else where the Saint appeared in body or spirit - after his death - are truly shocking.

The holy body of the Saint which has been kept incorrupt by the Grace of the Holy Ghost for centuries in Corfu is the breakwater of Orthodox faith together with the bodies of the other two Saints of the Ionian Sea.


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Saint Spyridon of Tremithus

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