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PSKOV-PECHERSKY MEN'S MONASTERY: Dormition Monastery of the Caves DVD

Another FIREBIRD Videos series of English voice-overs of out-standing Russian-made videos about the Orthodox Faith and culture. With voice-overs, these wonderful videos become accessible to the English-speaking world. This beautiful video fulfills an important educational need in presenting to English-speaking people a glimpse into life at a major Russian monastery. Portrayed here are the 500-year history, plus the buildings, caves and present life of one of Russia's most beautiful and well-preserved monasteries. Dedicated to the Mother of God, it is located in Pechory, near Pskov, very near the Estonian border. Unlike most other Russian monasteries, shut down by the Communists, the only time that this "heaven-protected" monastery was closed was during the German occupation of World War II.

The Pskov (Pechory) Monastery of the Caves is very ancient, possibly first inhabited by monks from the Monastery of the Caves in Kiev, who had escaped when the Mongol Tartars captured Kiev. Although monks had for certain lived in the caves here for some time prior, the monastery was officially founded in 1473 by the priest Ioann (later, Hieromonk Iona) and his wife, who became Nun Vassa before her repose.

Also depicted in this video, in addition to the monastery’s history, are: the gorgeous grounds, buildings and precious icons; extensive views of the caves where over 10,000 people are buried in the walls (similar to the Monastery of the Caves in Kiev); some of the monastery obediences, including work in the blacksmith, wood-working and iconography shops; the iconography of Fr. Zenon; ringing of the famous 13 bells in the distinctive Pskov-style bell-cotes; and a few interviews.

This beautifully and sensitively crafted video concludes with excerpts of the Trinity-Pentecost Divine Liturgy. There is excellent singing by the monastery choir and the magnificent Pskov Monastery Children’s Choir.

TIME: 20 mins

Pskov-Pechersky Men's Monastery DVD

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