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By Robert Lloyd Arnold


Orthodoxy Revisited explains the doctrinal divergence between Orthodoxy and Evangelical Christianity: the nature of divine revelation, the ontological complexity of the Triune Godhead, the nature of man and his salvation in Christ. 
Orthodoxy Revisited shows that there is very little doctrinal Commonality between the Evangelical and the Orthodox. Both communions use the same theological terms and yet yield radically different theological conclusions.


Toward An Orthodox Trinitarian Model 
The Palamite Synthesis And The Judgment Of God 
The Holy Mysteries And Authentic Personhood 
The Holy Images (Icons) And The Communion Of Saints 
Culture, Ecumenism And The Celtic Church

Softcover, 254 pages.

"This is not a book for milksops. Robert Arnold's writing is forthright, brisk - even bold - and undergirded with massive knowledge of his subject. As a Roman Catholic, I find this book seriously challenging, as should all believing Christians. Highly recommended."

-Tom Howard, author of On Being Catholic


"I believe this book will inform the dialogue between the Eastern Orthodox Church and Protestant Christians for a generation."

-Frank Schaeffer, author of Dancing Alone


"Arnold's background as an Evangelical-turned-Orthodox makes him particularly qualified to address the issues in this book. His analysis of the ecumenical movement is particularly illuminating..."

-Clark Carlton, author of The Faith Orthodox catechism series

Orthodoxy Revisited

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