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One book within the Old Testament Stories for Children series by Mother Melania, with illustrations by Bonnie Gillis


The perennial favorite story of Noah and the Ark gets a fresh perspective in this tale. The verse text subtly reveals Noah as a type of Christ, the Flood as a type of baptism, and the Ark as a type of the Church. But the story still preserves all the charm of this oldest of all animal stories, which shows us that the whole creation will be saved through the children of God.

Using simple verse and colorful, semi-iconographic illustrations that are both sweet and reverent, this book aims to introduce children and their parents to the profound truths revealed in the well-known story of Noah. Great for preschoolers to peruse in church, or for early readers.

Softcover. 24 pages.

Noah and the Ark of Salvation

SKU: BK9988777
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