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Nathan's Piano CD

Music Composed and Performed by Nathan Speir

A Beautiful & Inspirational CD Composed and Performed by a Pious Orthodox Christian man.

The tones of the piano change in sublime variations throughout the light shifting through the clouds. The compositions are both objective and improvisationally heart-felt in style.
1 Exposed to Peace 
2 Precious Moment 
3 Brief Theme & Variation 
4 Cleansing Rain 
5 Drifting 
6 Lofty Thoughts 
7 It's Not When 
8 Facing In 
9 Is It Really Changing 
10 Spirited 
11 Must Go On 
12 Old Country, The 
13 Where Did That 
14 Cleansing Rain (Reprise) 
15 Must Go On (Reprise)

Length: 63min 19sec

Nathan's Piano CD

SKU: CD77665433
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