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Miraculous Occurences and Counsels of Elder Porphyrios:  As they were heard as they were seen and lived by some of his spiritual children
by The Holy Convent of the Transfiguration of the Savior

Fulfilling the promise that we made in the Prologue of the book “The Divine Flame which Elder Porphyrios lit in my heart,” we now publish the footnotes and the memories which were given to us many years ago by the brothers and sisters who are mentioned in this book. In our attempt to delve deeply into the basic elements that make up the personality of Elder Porphyrios, we have come to the conclusion that first of all his being in church was substantial and not in any way superficial. Secondly, his love for Christ was limitless and he expressed this love through Christ to his fellow man. This limitless love was accompanied by his holy humbleness. Thirdly, his life in Christ was lived as mystical joy. Fourthly, his way of life was living the immortality of Christ. After the falling asleep of Elder Porphyrios there were many radio programs about him on a number of radio stations. And following this, books have been written and are being written which are translated into various languages. Innumerable references are made about his words, his acts in his many talks, sermons, articles, studies and generally in publications and personal conversations. As much as he avoided honors and hid himself away from fanfare, God has honored him ever more and reveals what he is in death.

Softcover: 366 pages.

Miraculous Occurrences and Counsels of Elder Porphyrios

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