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Letters To God Movie Soundtrack CD


DISC 1: 
 1. Letters To God [Main Title: Original Score] 
 2. Dear Mr. God 
 3. Beautiful End, A 
 4. Tyler's Letters [Original Score] 
 5. Have You Met Jesus 
 6. Everything Is Beautiful 
 7. You Give Me Hope [Acoustic] 
 8. Hope Now 
 9. Letters on The Altar [Original Score] 
 10. Throw Me A Line 
 11. Water's Edge, The 
 12. Great Daduska [Original Score], The 

DISC 2: 
 1. Hold Out Your Hands [Original Score] 
 2. We Can Try 
 3. Bracelet [Original Score] 
 4. Amazing Grace 
 5. You Are Everything 
 6. Take A Little Time 
 7. Come Around 
 8. He Is Alive 
 9. You Give Me Hope 
 10. We Need Each Other 
 11. Everything Is Beautiful

Letters to God (movie soundtrack)

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