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A Romanian oral tradition
Authored and Illustrated by Alvin Alexsi Currier


A delightfully illustrated children's book taken from Romanain oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation.

"It is the flowering of the rich, living, spirituality of Romania, lovingly tended by the many faithful Christians and the more than 300 Monasteries of the Romanian Orthodox land."

This story is obviously founded in fact, for it is filled with names and dates, and yet its majesty lies in that it is neither fact nor fiction. Instead it flows, clear and innocent, from the wellspring of faith hidden deep in the heart. It is the flowering of the rich living spiritual­ity of Romania, lovingly tended by the faithful and the more than three hundred monasteries of this Orthodox land. With these pages it is the honor of the author to attempt to share with you some of the radiance of this faith, and the beauty of this land.

Softcover, 20 Pages.

How the Monastery Came to Be on the Top of the Mountain

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