At last a Christian story for our children for Halloween!

As the celebration of Halloween grows increasingly macabre and demonic, Halloween Town offers a spiritually edifying alternative to secular and pagan points of view. And it does so by means of a fascinating magical story whose central characters must face and overcome wickedness within before they can triumph over the greater evil that threatens from without.

Young Nicholas is disappointed that his mother won't allow him to dress as a monster and go trick-or-treating on Halloween night. But when several of his friends come visiting in their costumes, a strange thing happens: the dark spell lurking in a jack-o'-lantern calls forth a dapperly dressed fellow who twirls a cane, wears dancing shoes-and calls himself the "Halloween Spirit."

Promising fun, the Halloween Spirit takes Nicholas and his friends to Halloween Town, where they are "invited" to become permanent members of the Fallen Stars Club. They soon discover that getting out of Halloween Town is not nearly as easy as getting in. It is not until Nicholas remembers the warning words of his mother and realizes the power of truth, that he understands how to save his friends from the clutches of the Halloween Spirit.

Halloween Town

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