By Mersine Vigopoulou                

The Timeless Wisdom of Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain for Children and Adults!


From I-ville to You-ville, the well-known, best selling Orthodox Christian children’s book of Greece, presently in its seventh printing, is now available in English. The unique and wise counsel of Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain is presented in a way that is perfect for children and adults alike. In every turn and twist of this adventure of a young man making his way from his home of I-ville to the unknown, but longed-for, kingdom of You-ville the author masterfully weaves the wisdom of the elder into the fabric of the story, constructing a seamless garment of beauty, charm and enlightenment. Be one of the first to read and impart the life-giving lessons of You-ville to your children!

I-ville - a Kingdom where pride and selfishness dwell, and where people live by the motto “Me first!” You-ville - a Kingdom where humility and kindness have their home, and where people put the good of others before their own.

This is the story of a young boy named Stubborn, as he strives to become the first person of I-ville to make the difficult journey to the beautiful, joy-filled Kingdom of You-ville, and to become a citizen there.

As we join Stubborn in his adventures, we learn, along with him, profound lessons in how to struggle against bad thoughts and feelings. The journey of young Stubborn is one that all of us - old and young - must take, and which all of us can accomplish - if only we shrink our “I” and put “You” first!

From I-ville to You-ville

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