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FIREPROOF: Never Leave Your Partner Behind CD

The Fireproof Movie Soundtrack.


Last fall, FIREPROOF touched the lives and marriages of over 4 million moviegoers when it debuted in theaters across America. Demand for the music heard in FIREPROOF quickly skyrocketed, sending 6 artist tracks from the movie into the Top 100 chart on iTunes. Now, fans can get those artist tracks, plus 10 orchestral songs from the movie score all on one disc for the first time. Just released, FIREPROOF-Original Motion Picture Soundtrack captures the inspiring, faith-driven message of the No. 1 independent film release of 2008 and CBA’s biggest hit DVD. The disc also includes a special bonus FIREPROOF Remix of John Waller’s “While I’m Waiting” with poignant movie clips interspersed throughout this moving song.

Beautiful Inspirational Music.

Fireproof Movie Soundtrack CD

SKU: CD909

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