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The ever memorable elder was a priestmonk for almost seventy years. He denied himself, took up his cross and followed Christ in a God-pleaseing way. As a pastor, he guided his flock in an unsurpassed way, remaining faithful to the apostolic teachings and traditions. As a spiritual father of clergymen and laymen, he drew a multitude of spiritual children to Christ. For his holy brothers and concelebrants who are still living, he left his bright image and example to follow. As the case was with almost all of the Holy Fathers throughout the ages, this book comes to the ears of the faithfulafter his holy dormitionso as to have the validityof truthand holiness from above.


Soft cover. Orthodox Kypseli Publications. 238 pages. 

Father Philotheos Zervakos: Autobiography, Homilies, and Miracles

SKU: B573
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