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Days Made of Fear DVD




One of the key issues regarding the future political status of Kosovo is whether standards for the decent treatment of all ethnic minorities living in Kosovo will be established and implemented.

8 films presented on this DVD offer persuasive evidence that, so far, these standards have not been met. Films cover events from the onset of violence in Kosovo (preceding the NATO intervention in 1999), until the most recent terrorist attacks committed by Albanian extremists in 2005, and are, in fact, a unique and exclusive video document about some of the crucial aspects of the current Kosovo crisis.

These films have been presented to audiences at major political, academic and cultural world forums – in Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston, Moscow, London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, Athens – and were also shown at the international film festivals where some of the films have received awards (London, Paris, Moscow, Athens, Irkutsk).

Directed, produced and published by: 
Ninoslav Randjelovic (RONIN production)


1. "Diplomacy of the Heart" (24 minutes) 
A documentary about the tragic events in Kosovo during the first four years of ethnic violence in the region.

2. "Winter on God's Land" (21 minutes) 
Exclusive video documentation of destroyed Christian monasteries and monuments in Kosovo and the powerful testimonies of some of the last remaining Serbs in this region.

3. "Internally displaced" (17 minutes) 
Since mid-1999 over 230.000 Serbs and other non-Albanians were driven out from Kosovo. Most of them are accommodated in Serbia proper, either in collective centers or some form of private arrangement. Their basic survival depends on humanitarian programs of the international community.

4. "Days Made of Fear" (20 minutes)
This film details significant deterioration of safety conditions for Serbs and other non-Albanians living in Kosovo. As a result, during year 2003, there were numerous and unsolved cases of terrorist attacks and brutal killings against these groups.

5. "Autumn In No Man's Land" (21 minutes) 
Six months after the Pogrom (the outbreak of massive violence in March 17-19, 2004), there are few signs of Serbs returning or the rebuilding of their churches and houses. Safety and security remains a critical issue.

6. "The Snowman in the Dark" (22 minutes)
Depicts slow and fragile process of Serbian refugees returning to Kosovo as they faced new obstacles at the beginning of the year 2005, including an unusually harsh winter, and food, water and power shortages.

7. " Notes About the Rock" (24 minutes)
An exclusive documentary archive of destroyed and vandalized churches and monasteries in Kosovo. Much of this evidence is the only video documentation available.

8. " The Glory of High Decani" (23 minutes)
Documentary about one of the last spiritual centers of Orthodox faith in Kosovo today – the monastery of High Decani. This film is also a testimony that the true spiritual life is the ultimate diplomacy - "diplomacy of the heart", which is given in our innate ability to forgive, show compassion, and love one another.


In February 2009, Kosovo celebrated the first anniversary of its self-proclaimed independence, which has been recognized by more than 50 states of the international community.

The Government of Serbia disputes Kosovo’s independent status and claims Kosovo as part of its territory according to the UN Resolution 1244.

Recently the EU has established a special mission (EULEX) in Kosovo to oversee the new Kosovo government’s institutions, its implementation of the rule of law, and to ensure the protection of all ethnic minorities living in Kosovo.

However, Serbs and other non-Albanians living in Kosovo still face unsafe conditions and ongoing human rights violations. Thousands of people who have been expelled from Kosovo have still not returned to their homes. Most of the destroyed or vandalized Christian Orthodox churches and monasteries have not been rebuilt yet.

Days Made of Fear DVD

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