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Cross Culture Project Vol. II: Various Artists

If you enjoyed the first Cross Culture Project CD, you will love this new collection of tunes by talented Orthodox recording artists from coast to coast!

Features Justin Mathews, Moses Murray, Ron Moore, David Teems, The Strawmen, Great Glass Elevator, Peter Jon Gillquist, Franklin Tait, Mark Shuttleworth, Duke & Dawn, Hunt Sidway, Gigi Shadid, Joel Weir, and jazz sensation Greg Floor. Musical styles range from folk and rock to alt-country and jazz. Booklet includes bios of songs and artists!

With 14 songs mastered in Nashville, this second volume of The Cross Culture Project includes even more music than the first volume, in a higher-quality format! Perfect for teens and adults. 

A large portion of proceeds will be used for Orthodox outreach and evangelism endeavors.

Cross Culture Project Vol. II Various Artists

SKU: CD0999
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