By Dionysos A. Makris


We are pleased to announce the much anticipated publication of the English translation of the Greek best-seller, Crazy John, which first touched readers’ hearts in the Orthodox Newspaper, Stylos Orthodoxias, and on the website,, where it was published in series.  This testimony of the miraculous life of a contemporary Fool for Christ living in the midst of the turmoil of our times is an inspiring confirmation that sanctity is attainable even today to all walks of life, and that Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. 


Excerpt from the preface:

“His narration was about a fool for Christ, a man of our times, who lived in one of the many glass-faced, sentimentally unreachable, and alienated neighborhoods of Athens, a place where people’s doors were firmly closed for the neighbor, and everyday life was going by in a spirit of apathy, vanity, and thoughtlessness towards others, an actual depiction of the self-centered human passions that predominate in our present times.
In this particular neighborhood that may not differ from all the others, not even from our own—whether we live in the city or in a village—the foolishness of a single person, a model of Jesus Christ, was enough to provoke a pleasant revolution. It is pleasant because it is unique, one of a kind, and a novelty through time. This revolution breaks the demonic bonds of souls admittedly captured and attached to ephemeral and inferior things. It restores them to the frequency of heaven and to the invigorating, salutary, doxological pulses of the Holy Trinity. It attires them with the sense of the Greek “philotimo” and unselfishness, honesty and purity, patience and perseverance, sacrifice and love, humility and repentance.  It is only with this attire that the soul can attend the unceasing everyday table, which God gives us bounteously.
The story of John, Crazy John, as his neighbors used to call him, does not conclude in the following pages. On the contrary, it begins to unravel in such a manner that urges us to travel with him on the most beautiful journey of our lives.

Crazy John, Volume 1

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