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Daniel’s (Billy Ray Cyrus) son Bobber (Liam James) needs extensive orthopedic surgery and months of intensive physical therapy to recover from being struck down by an automobile. Rodney Freeman (Matt Ward), the young black man who Daniel took into his home and raised as another son, has become a famous writer and offers to fly Daniel and Bobber to San Francisco and to pay for the surgery. 

Once in San Francisco, Daniel meets Briony Adair (Gina Holden), the physical rehabilitation specialist who will be working toward Bobber’s recovery.  When therapy progresses slowly, Bobber invites Briony to come home to Canaan to spend Christmas with the Burtons and continue his treatment. Briony is a natural at caring for a thriving family, but Daniel's daughter Sarah (Emily Tennant) distances herself, not wanting to dishonor her late mother’s memory with the caring woman who has captivated Daniel’s time and attention. Will Daniel's relationship with Briony fall apart, or will they all find a place at the table for the holidays at home in Canaan?  

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan

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