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Bless the Lord O My Soul CD

Brand new CD From St. Tikhon's Mission Choir!  

Track List:  1. Psalm 103 (Valaam Chant)  2. Vouchsafe O Lord (Optina Hermitage Chant)  3. First Antiphon (Georgian Chant)  4. Second Antiphon (Georgian Chant)  - Only Begotten Son  5. The Beatitudes (Znamenny Chant)  6. Trisagion (17th C. Russian Polyphony  7. The Cherubic Hymn (Znamenny)  8. Anaphora (Znamenny)  9. The Angel Cried (In Slavonic)  10. Sunday Communion Hymn (St. John Koukouzelis)  11. Of thy Mystical Supper (Znamenny Chant)  12. Receive the body of Christ (Ancient Chant)  13. Behold the Bridegroom Comes at Midnight (Kievan Chant)  14. The Wise Thief (Trio, Kiev Caves Melody)  15. Thy Bridal Chamber (Kievan Chant)  16. Many Years (Moscow Chant)  17. Many Years (Common Chant)  18. Psalm 103 (St. Michael's Hermitage Chant)

Bless the Lord O My Soul

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