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Beauty Will Save the World: A Film on Orthodoxy in Russia

Filmed in the cities of Kiev, Moscow and St. Petersburg, and in numerous religious centers of Russian Orthodoxy, this program provides a unique examination of Russian Orthodoxy and the Russian state from Byzantine times to today. It focuses on the parallel course of Church and State, of priesthood and laity, of Byzantine tradition and Russian art. The documentary includes exclusive footage from the period of anticlerical propaganda under Stalin and the systematic demolition of ancient churches and the burning of icons. It also offers a glorious record of Russian iconography - mosaics, frescoes and portable icons - from churches, monasteries and museums.  VHS/DVD media made in the United States are compatible with VHS/DVD players made in the United States. Light and Life DOES NOT guarantee that your VHS/DVD player is capable of playing all VHS/DVD media. Please check your equipment’s manual for certainties.

Beauty Will Save the World

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