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By Demetrios Aslanidis and Monk Damascene Grigoriatis.


Apostle to Zaire is the story of the life and legacy of a man who was chosen by God from the young age of 18 to be the Enlightener of Zaire. In the first part of the book, we encounter the life, last days, letters and the writings of Fr. Cosmas--an Athonite ascetic, a modern model of mission, an apostle to the heart of Africa. In part two, we read accounts of miracles and the battle with magic, interventions of the Saints and conversions of sinners, missionary adventures and baptismal testimonies. This a unique biography of a contemporary missionary and a practical introduction to Orthodox mission work.


English. Softcover. 240 pp, 65 photos, 33 color photos.

Apostle to Zaire: The Life and Legacy of Blessed Fr. Cosmas of Grigoriou

SKU: B597
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