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Illustrated by Megan Gilbert


A wonderful new tool for Orthodox children! A Child's Guide to the Divine Liturgy is designed as an aid to help children negotiate their way through the Divine Liturgy and learn more about the Church and our faith. Small and easy to hold, with engaging illustrations, the guide is divided into six color-coded sections:

    Preparing for the Divine Liturgy 
    The Divine Liturgy
    Salt and Light
    The 12 Feasts
    Words to Know

This guide is written to appeal to children ages two to ten. The very young child will learn basic vocabulary and come to recognize the various milestones in the Divine Liturgy. For the older child, the guide includes several longer psalms, quotes, and prayers; the 12 feast icons and kontakia; plus an extensive glossary filled with terms and vocabulary often heard throughout the liturgical year.

We wish you, and all the children of the Orthodox faith, continual growth toward Christ as we all seek to be lights to the world, and as we help each other toward the Kingdom of Heaven!
Paperback;  128 pages.

A Child's Guide to the Divine Liturgy

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